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How Do I Find The Right CBD?

How Do I Find The Right CBD?

As CBD rises in popularity; we, the consumers, are faced with trying to find the best products in a sea of product options. While options are plentiful, it also leaves a path for the snake oil salesmen trying to make a fast buck. 

With this in mind, we consumers must be smart and knowledgeable regarding these products as they continue to grow in popularity and become incorporated in our daily routines. Below is an outline of what to look for when purchasing CBD products:

Is the maker of the CBD forthcoming with their information?  

If a brand or company does not provide detailed information about their products and how they are made, it should be an immediate red flag. These brands usually make health claims or provide misleading information on their packaging in order to make the sale.  Since CBD products are not regulated FDA, health claims cannot be made on these products (View Article here). 

However; in some states where marijuana is legal for either medical or recreational use, there are rules and regulations in place that the makers of the CBD have to abide by.  So, for patients in states where marijuana is legal for medical and/or recreational use, they’re better off purchasing the CBD from state-licensed medical facilities that are authorized to dispense marijuana and hemp products.

Is the product laboratory tested?

Is the product laboratory tested? Companies and brands selling a CBD product are required to have each batch tested. This is usually made available via QR code on the bottle or web address are provided to attain lab results. These lab results, at bare minimum, provide the exact amounts of the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, in the product.

What was the CBD extracted in?

Sure, it’s called an oil.  But it may not be an oil. Many times the CBD is extracted in a hydrocarbon-like butane which can be harmful to your health.  So, check and ask what the CBD was extracted in.

Utilizing these three steps in your purchasing decision, given the abundance of products, will help you differentiate between the snake oil brands and the true wellness brands. Happy Shopping!